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I love this. I am very sensitive and allergic to bugs and mosquitoes. Nothing helps repel mosquitoes better than this product. It is very safe, smells good, and it WORKS! ~ M. S

Your mosquito repellent works really well. I have three kids and keep a bottle stashed in my outside planter for all the neighborhood kids to use when they are playing outside. I like that it is all natural and doesn’t contain DEET. ~ J.L.

Repousser is hands down the best insect repellent I have ever used. No stinging, non toxic, and most importantly safe for my child. ~ C.C.

My husband and I have been using Repousser for years because it really works. We used it during a safari trip to Africa a few years ago and didn’t get one single mosquito bite. We also used Repousser during our medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic where it’s tropical and full of mosquitos. Again, very protected. No bites.
I love that Repousser is made with all natural ingredients and is deet free. I have highly recommended it to friends and family. Great product. They ship fast too. ~S.M.